Mission Statement

The purpose of Covenant Fellowship Church is to glorify God and extend His kingdom through public worship, preaching the Scriptures, and consistent, accountable Christian living by its members. Covenant Fellowship is dedicated to personal evangelism, strong, Biblically based marriages, and evangelistic outreach to our city and the world beyond.

To realize this purpose we have established the following objectives:

1. To build and maintain a tradition of strong expository preaching from the pulpit by skilled men of God.

2. To worship God in a worthy manner through the study and exposition of Scripture, prayers and music.

3. To supply competent pastoral care for each member of the church family.

4. To provide an effective Christian education program to inform, train and disciple all segments of our congregation.

5. To advance the missionary work of the church in the Lake Cities area and throughout the world

6. To serve our community with ministries of mercy.